How do I join an organization?

Joining an organization allows you to have access to materials that have been purchased for your entire organization. Once you join, the admin will be able to allocate materials and purchase on your behalf.

  • Click ‘Organization’ in the menu.
  • Type the name of the organization you wish to join in the search bar. If the organization has already been created, you’ll click ‘Request to Join’.
  • You’ll then see a page that lets you know that your invitation has been sent.

All you have to do now is notify your admin that you’ve sent a request and wait to be added to the organization.

For admins:

  • Click ‘Organization’ in the menu.
  • Under ‘Request to Join’ you’ll have the option to accept or deny any users to your organization.
  • Once you accept a user, they’ll be added to your organization. If you decline, the request will go away and the user will not be allowed in your organization.

Now, you’ll be able to allocate materials to this user.

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