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How do I obtain a group license or Online subscription for my entire firm?


Group licensing allows an entire organization to access an online subscription or digital download at special prices. To inquire about group licenses, contact Group & Firm Sales Manager Nancy Van Bramer at 512-263-2802, or email her at nancy.vanbramer@texasbar.com.

Group licenses are subject to the terms of the original license concerning permitted users of the online subscription or digital download.


If an entire organization doesn’t need access to an online manual, but a few members of the organization do, the organization may purchase however many subscriptions they need and manage which members of the organization have access.

To manage multiple subscriptions for an organization, create a Texas Bar Practice account for the organization instead of as an individual—or log in to the organization’s account—purchase the desired number of subscriptions on the subscription product’s page in the Bookshop, and allocate those subscriptions as you see fit.

Each additional subscription is for one additional lawyer and that lawyer’s support team only. Additional subscriptions are subject to the terms of the original license concerning permitted users of the online subscription.