What can I do with admin access over my organization?

When you’re the admin of your organization, there’s a ton of things that you can now do.  An Admin is someone who’s in charge of an organization account and has special privileges through their individual user account that allows them to manage how their users interact with the organization account’s assets.


You can purchase materials for your entire organization, both online subscriptions and digital downloads included. This allows an organization account admin to consolidate their payment and billing to stay more organized. Each member of the organization can maintain a unique library that includes the products they need to practice, while the admin can manage expenses through one account.

User Tip: Each time you add a product to your cart, you will be prompted to select which library you are purchasing the product for. As the admin, choose the organization that the intended user belongs to and you will be able to allocate that product to them immediately after the purchase.

More info on purchasing for your organization.


Each account on Texas Bar Practice is automatically granted an individual library called “My Library.” With each organization you join or create, another library gets added to the dropdown menu in the top right corner of your account portal. Make sure you have selected the organization in the dropdown menu to see the organization-specific library.

Once they’re purchased, you can then allocate the materials to various members of your organization. You will not see the digital asset link in the library until you allocate the asset to yourself or somebody else in your library. You can do so by using the Allocate Downloads/Subscriptions button and selecting the proper user or users.

User Tip: Additional licenses are a cost efficient way to buy a digital download title for multiple accounts in your organization. When you purchase additional licenses, you will be allowed to allocate download links to multiple users in your organization account at a cheaper rate.

More info on allocating digital assets in your organization’s library.


When it comes to your organization’s users, you essentially have the same privileges. You’re able to add/remove users and accept/deny requests to join your organization as you see fit. Your user base remains as flexible as your office changes. As users come and go, you don’t have to lose access to the assets you purchased for the organization.  

The best part? You’re able to belong to as many organizations as you please. For example, you can create a new organization that belongs to a team for a specific project while belonging to the firm-wide organization. We just ask that you remain extremely vigilant when it comes to keeping an updated user base.  

User Tip: Existing admins can use the “Accounts” section of their account portal to give “Admin” status to any other user belonging to the organization. Grant admin status to as many users is appropriate for your organization.

More info on adding users to your organization.

More info on requesting to join an organization.

We hope you enjoy taking advantage of our organization account features. Our goal is to make our site work for your practice needs in the best way possible. Our customer service is always willing to help you set up an account so that it best serves your specific needs. Say hello in the website chat portal during business hours or email us at books@texasbar.com and we are happy to help!

Last Update: November 16, 2020   Edit