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What is the difference between an Online manual and a digital download?

Both Online manual and digital download versions of Texas Bar Practice publications include:

  • the text of the entire publication
  • editable forms in MS Word and, in some cases, Excel
  • Texas and federal case and statutory citations linked to the Fastcase database
  • forms available from state or federal agencies as PDF files

A significant advantage the Online manual has over the digital download is that it’s accessible without downloading any files to your computer, so it’s easy to access from your PC, your tablet, your smartphone, and even others’ computers. All you need to do is log in to your Texas Bar Practice account and start using the product.

The digital download, on the other hand, is downloaded and installed on your computer’s local hard drive. Although this limits your use of the product to the device(s) you install it on, you will still be able to use the entire publication even when Internet access is not available.

Also, whereas updates to a publication are automatically incorporated into the Online manual and those updates are available to you as soon as they are published without any additional action on your part, you must purchase new editions of the digital download to gain access to updated versions.