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What is the Texas Bar Books toolbar for Word?

The Texas Bar Books toolbar is an MS Word macro template file that enables you to more easily manipulate the word-processing forms provided with the online subscription and digital download practice manuals, as well as with the digital downloads of Guardianship Alternatives and Law Office Road Map.

The toolbar may be used to—

  • view or hide the instructions embedded in the word-processing forms;
  • find and highlight the next variable, instruction, or optional text;
  • browse, select, and copy clause text from forms that are collections of clauses;
  • retain the embedded instructions for viewing while you work on your hard drive but prevent them from printing on your hard copies; and
  • delete the embedded instructions entirely on forms you plan to email or file electronically.

You can view a video tutorial for using the toolbar here.


Word forms designed for use with the toolbar include instructions as red-colored hidden text to help you prepare the form. These instructions should be deleted before printing a finished form or sharing it electronically.

In Word, toggle between showing and hiding the instructions—or permanently delete the instructions—by clicking the appropriate button on the toolbar.

Note that the last selection you make using the toolbar regarding showing or printing hidden text carries over into the next document you open; that is, if you opted to hide the instructions in a document, the next time you open Word this function will be retained until you select a different setting.


To install the toolbar on your computer, follow the instructions here.


The toolbar is compatible with Word on Windows systems only. If you have a different operating system or word processor, learn how to manually manipulate forms content without the toolbar here.